Secure Will Storage

We offer a storage facility in association with Countrywide.

Making a will is very important and when your will has been made, you need to make sure that it is stored both safely and securely. On top of this, if your will has become damaged or if it goes missing, your executors won’t be able to class it as being valid and in this instance you may have to be admitted to Probate. If your will has been damaged, for whatever reason. Probate may decide that it has been tampered with and in some instances they may even refuse to admit it. This can mean that your estate will be treated as though you never had a will, and this is something that you need to avoid at all times. After all, your will could be damaged because of flooding, it could be lost or it could be defaced.

That is why we will store your will for you in our professional storage unit and if during this time, you need to access your will or if you want to change it in any way, we will do that for you and we promise that it will never cost you more than 25% of the original price of the will. If it is a re-draft however, our team might even do it for you for free, so you don’t need to pay a penny.