Trustee Services

You may have read elsewhere on this site about the whole variety of Trusts which can be set up as part of your Will to ensure your assets are protected and go to the people you want them to after your death.

When you set up a Trust like this, part of the process involves nominating the people who will run it on your behalf.  Like Executors, these ‘Trustees’ can include family members or friends, and you can also make us one of your Professional Trustees as we have all the experience and expertise that’s needed to make sure it is administered correctly.

Probate Services

Probate is the legal process used to establish who will receive the property, assets and possessions of someone who has died.

It’s not always necessary – perhaps if everything has been left to a surviving husband or wife, or if the person’s estate is very small, say under £5,000 – but banks and other financial institutions all have different rules, so it’s best to get professional advice to make sure.

When someone does make a Will, it often names the person or people tasked with obtaining Probate in order to sort out all the assets and distributing them to the beneficiaries. Called Executors, these can be family members, friends, solicitors or professionals, like ourselves.

If you have been named an Executor, we have a special Probate service to provide the knowledge and support you may need. This can include applying to the Courts for a Grant of Probate (which confirms the Will is legally valid and gives you the authority to carry out the person’s wishes). It can be quite complicated as the Court requires details of all the person’s debts as well as their assets, but whatever the circumstances, our years of experience mean we can support you, every step of the way, and carry out much of the work involved on your behalf.

And if you are writing a Will, you can also name us as your Executor, which means we will automatically be able to carry out the Probate process on behalf of you and your loved ones.